Dream with Leeches

Dreaming with leeches is an indication of upcoming challenges and challenges in your life. On the one hand, it can have disturbances in their work in everyday life. On the other hand, these incentives would lead to change their lifestyle negatively. Therefore, you should be careful about the decisions you are going to make or do it responsibly.

If you dream that the leeches are on your body means that close people are trying to take advantage of goodwill or intentions. These people will try to cheat or take away your money or job post.

The leeches represent in financial problems with their relatives. If you have children or siblings, these will be the first to ask for money, but you will have problems recovering it or they will never return it.

Seeing leeches coming out of their nostrils is interpreted as an abortion either by their close partner or relative. You should have greater communication with your loved ones to avoid any further difficulties.

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