Dream with Sirens

Dreaming about sirens is closely related to their sexuality and appetite. It is a dream that needs to enhance or improve their sex life, meaning that their current partner does not fully satisfy their desires in their intimate life.

If you are a man and listen to singing sirens is an indication of taking care of the sentimental relationships you are doing lately. This woman will come with other intentions that will complicate her life instead of helping her.

If the dreamer is a woman and sees the sirens means that she is questioning her own sexual condition. You want to experience and know new ways in sexuality, either with another woman or relationships that bring more people.

Sirens in general are a symbol of desire and satisfaction, on occasion, of not being pleased can lead to self-destruction of the person. The sirens in the dream try to please longings that have not been overcome and seek the way in the subconscious to perform such action and therefore can carry confusing messages depending on the dreamer.


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