Dream with Executioner

To dream of executioner is synonymous with a bad omen or that the things that are going to come will not be good, or that we are alone and that all our near surroundings is being distanced of us, yes that we realized to us.

To dream that the executioner is you can mean economic loss or illnesses that may find you, also that you may have problems with your partner or family, and that frequently are in discussions that would not be beneficial.

If you dream of an executioner, tell us that we will triumph in the face of adversity, we can fight with any enemy without causing us harm, we just need to be constant and have a lot of commitment in our proposed goals.

Dreaming of an executioner in general is a negative thing, since we are facing misfortunes, bad news, family disappointments and bad decisions. It is best to be cautious and aware of the dangers that might affect us.

If you observe that a executioner executes a person, you predict a bad luck, on the labor side, you could be dismissed from work, on the sentimental side it is possible for your partner to ask for a divorce or to separate, in the health that You get a disease that would affect you in your daily chores.

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