Dream with Harem

The interpretation of this dream for men and women. If a woman dreams of it, it insinuates the need for it to achieve a social position that has been difficult to obtain, as well as a timely economic improvement.

For a man to dream of a harem the presage that external circumstances will present that will distract him from his true objectives, which can be cause of losses and setbacks.

For a woman, the same dream may indicate the temptation or the desire for an economically advantageous position even when it entails the loss or renunciation of love. If we are too jealous, it means that we have a problem for that reason, which advises us, be more objective, and less jealous.

Sometimes this dream betrays sexual inclinations not very well defined, reason why, in that case, advises to him to look for medical and spiritual help. To be seen in a harem: financial relief, social success, joy of living. Favorable circumstances. You run the risk of being abused that could jeopardize your situation and your finances.


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