Dream with City

If you dream of a city, it means you are sure of yourself, if you have entered the house with more reason indicates that you have a high self-esteem.

If you dream that the city is in all its splendor, it indicates that we are going on a course and that the descendants will have no problems and can continue the works of their predecessors, as it will be a safe and prosperous place.

If the city is destroyed in its sleep, it is a bad omen that will not benefit you and your family, dreaming about the city destroyed does not favor the family environment, show lack and fatigue in people.

If the city in which you dream has a beautiful name, it presages that you will have much happiness and that you will have a good future, it is a dream that represents your optimism in goals, since it is a very spiritual dream.

If you dream by looking at the dirty streets, full of debris or trash, it hints that we will have obstacles along the way, and some people will wish for their bad luck.

If you dream of a clean city full of people, it means you will have a lot of wealth and financial problems will disappear, it is a dream of good omen generating a lot of positive energy.

If we dream of a city of childhood, indicates that we are going through much pain or nostalgia in your life, you are in the need to create a family or marry and maintain a lasting relationship.

Dreams with the city or home when it is small, generates mixed feelings, can mean that you have many positive memories and that you want to recreate an environment in the same way where you can learn, be optimistic and fight for life.


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