Dream with Apron

A young woman who dreams of a post apron indicates that her immediate future will be very fickle, that is, she will not have clear definitions. A student woman who dreams of an apron poses hints that she will go very poorly in her studies if she does not pay more attention and commitment.

When a woman dreams of putting on a clean apron she hints that soon she will have helpers or servants in her home.

A man o When a woman dreams of a broken apron, and worse if it is dirty, indicates that shortly they will receive bad news concerning or lack of honesty from someone who may even be the dreamer himself.

When the apron is made of a man, such as those worn by the workers, blacksmiths, etc., then he indicates that he should not expect important successes in the very near future, that is, he should simply devote himself to work.

If it is a woman who dreams of an apron can symbolize her attachment to the home, the organization of the house and the protection and care of their own. In case of being a man who is seen with this garment, fear of losing a labor situation of some importance to move to perform inferior work.


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