Dream with Cemetery

Dreaming of a cemetery is an indication of nostalgia for the loved one who has lost, but who still remembers his past and happiness when they were alive. It is a dream to come back to find yourself, to better your present and to forge a more bearable future.

Other interpreters also say that the cemetery in the dream presages disease and sadness in his life. You should always think with optimism and good humor to have a positive environment.

Seeing a family member in the cemetery is an indication that soon that family member or friend may pass away, but could receive an inheritance from this person.

Dreaming digging in a graveyard is a bad omen, it foreshadows long-lasting illness and would lead to a tragic ending in you. Unfortunately it is a bad dream for the dreamer and he must carry out all the procedures that he believes pertinent of his most valuable things.

Finding yourself praying in a cemetery in the dream means that you are worried about a loved one who is possibly ill and you want a speedy recovery to re-remember the old and happy times that lived.

Dreaming of abandoned tombs in a cemetery suggests that your closest friends are moving away from you, either because of loss of confidence or because the dreamer is at a bad time (stress).


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