Dream with Ink

Dreaming with ink generally announces good news, provided that during the dream the ink does not pour or spill, in that case announces discord.

If the ink that is dreamed is black, it predicts the next arrival of a familiar or friend that we esteem. Dreaming of seeing ink represents a new way of thinking and creativity. To dream that the ink has been spilled on paper, symbolizes imperfection or a small problem.

If it is red, it is a sign that our behavior may be the subject of a misunderstanding. If the ink is green, as in real life, it is a symbol of hope. To dream of the ink-stained clothes implies that there are calumnies and intrigues around the dreamer; Gossip to be looked after.

Dreaming with several jars of ink means that soon the solution to your problems will arise and you will see all your problems solved. To dream that the ink is smeared and can not be read well means that you will have difficulty seeing things clearly and see what decision to make.

To dream of ink on the fingers suggests that you are jealous and if the ink is red then you insinuate the risk of falling into serious problems for sentimental reasons.

Dreaming about making ink implies that you will get involved in issues that require a lot of paperwork. Dreaming of bottles full of ink implies that things themselves are being stopped for bureaucratic and selfish reasons.

It is a mark of distinction and a high rank; It is also a sign of fame for the writer, a power for the ruler. The word written in black ink is a sign of strength.

Ink is attributed a sense of prosperity in everything we are doing at the moment; But, on the other hand, if we get dirty with the ink or spill the ink, it is a sign of misfortune and obstacles in our task.

You use it to write: you will receive important news. It will make capital decisions for your future.

If other people use it: threat of bad intentions against you, slander, defamation. Dreaming with ink or with an object that has ink or if we are doing a work with ink is attributed a sense of prosperity.

If we get dirty with the ink or spill the ink is a sign of misfortune and obstacles in our task.

If a young woman sees ink, she will be slandered by a rival. To dream that you have ink on your fingers means you will be jealous and will try to offend someone unless you exercise your best conditions.

If it is red ink, you will be involved in a serious problem. To dream that he makes ink, will be engaged in a low and demeaning business and will fall into dishonorable associations.


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