Dream with Seal

Dreaming that some seals are being attacked means that you may lose your virginity or that you will have a relationship that will make you suffer. Therefore, it is advisable to be cautious places you visit or new people you have known lately.

If you dream of seals, it indicates that your body needs vacation or fun time, to get rid of work stress. Therefore, you must take appropriate measures to make this happen, otherwise stress would negatively affect not only your working life but also the staff.

The seal in the dream, represents good fortune, success and luck. On the one hand, dreaming about seal provides a lot of positive energy for you and your environment. On the other hand, the work or business that you favor can be easily adapted to the changes.

Dreaming of feeding seals suggests that he finds himself nostalgic for the happiest moments of his childhood. This longing will make you very happy and possibly you take a trip to remember your childhood again.

If you stare at a seal, it means that you are very sad and lonely. Seeing them produces very sad feelings with inability to have self-confidence and fears of disappointment.

If a seal attacks you in your dream, it indicates that it is very tense and with many problems causing serious health damage. In this case, you should remember your goals to try to forget the problems that are causing that tension.

If we see a group of seals in the dream, it represents problems to socialize in their work environment or difficulty with employees. This is very harmful to you, failure to take action could lead to many drawbacks of teamwork.

If you dream of shooting a seal, explain that you have sexual problems. It is possible that your partner is not satisfied with the relationship and should talk about the topic to improve their love encounter, otherwise it would affect even a separation.


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