Dream with Ambush

To dream of a dangerous ambush is a warning in the sense that your affairs are in a delicate situation, which is why you should think well about possible solutions in order to avoid damages and gain success and full control over yourself to).

To dream of attacked and wounded in an ambush is a warning that he is surrounded by dangers of a different nature, such as adversaries, accidents due to his own imprudence or by others, or by an excess of passion for hazards such as car races .

To dream as an active participant in an ambush against someone is a warning that in the dreamer there are ideas or feelings of bad faith that can be desires of revenge, perhaps envy, and that seeks to satisfy regardless of means and results, all of which, in addition Of harming others, will end up hurting the dreamer himself.

Dreaming riding on horseback or in any vehicle and falling on a ramp or imprisonment hints that you have enough energy to solve your problems promptly, but you do not apply them correctly.

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