Dream with Dogs

Dreaming about dogs is an indication of happiness and lasting relationships. If the dog barks for happiness it foretells an active social life and partying and fun with his friends. You will find many new friends who will make your life more bearable.

Listening to the dog in the distance means that the people around you are making fun of you with bad intentions. This dream is an omen that your friends are not good for the dreamer and should evaluate each of them and find their true intentions.

If you dream of a furious dog it represents that the people around you are overwhelmed by you and your behavior and indiscipline. You should keep track of the situation and do not ask too much to not annoy other people on your team.

Stroking a dog in the dream means that it carries a great deal of family responsibility on its back. The decisions you are about to make should be considered more than twice so that your close circle is not affected.

Finding puppy puppies presages that you are going through great challenges, but you will begin a new stage in your life of tranquility, commitment and responsibility, and in some situations a wedding with your sentimental partner.

Dogs in general symbolize the loyalty, security and loyalty of the people close to you. The dreamer will have good relationships and intentions in his personal growth, that with great care will be able to achieve the success that he has wanted so much.

If he sees a dead dog or in a state of decay, he foresees that a great friend of his will betray his confidence or lose his friendship. Remember that every decision will be good as long as it is fair and prevents you from getting hurt.


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