Dream with Rug

Dreaming about a rug means that soon new friends or family will come home that you have not seen in a long time. It is a reminder that you must be prepared for these eventualities and have some provisions to avoid having trouble when they present themselves.

If you walk on a rug in your dream, it means that good fortune smiles at you and your plans are going according to plan. All the sacrifice you made, was worth it, getting many benefits in business or personal goals.

Dreaming about selling carpets, indicates lots of partying and fun. On the one hand, having vacations and being able to enjoy without worries. On the other hand, be careful in the times you are going to take in your holidays or holidays so that you do not neglect your work or business.

When a woman dreams of a rug, she insinuates that she feels safe in her home, enjoys life fully, despite the problems involved in caring for a family.

If the carpet is dirty or worn, it means that there is a high risk of suffering a disease that will be difficult to heal, even being chronic. The discomfort could be reflected particularly in the nervous system.

If you see a folded rug in your dream, you may be evicted from where you live. It is a dream characterized by mishaps and complications in everyday life. Therefore, you should self-evaluate the damage you have done to other people with or without intensity, since karma may be playing tricks on you.


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