Dream with Handkerchiefs

Dreaming handkerchiefs, especially when dealing with young people, means flirting of those who appear to be moving them. Losing a handkerchief suggests that there will be setbacks, particularly in love affairs.

Dreaming one or more broken or battered and dirty handkerchiefs suggests that their conflicts in love can hardly be reconciled. Dreaming one or more dirty or stained handkerchiefs can mean that you are running the risk of entering into society or relationships inconvenient and disadvantageous for the dreamer.

A young single woman who dreams of clean white handkerchiefs may mean that someone is hypocritically approaching her for illicit benefits, even in the sentimental aspect.

Dreaming several colored handkerchiefs may mean that your image could be discredited if you do not act with a high sense of morality, but beware of falling into naivety or cursilery.

Dreaming silk handkerchiefs suggests that you have a pleasant, magnetic and charismatic personality, which you project to those around you. A young woman who, in a dream, says goodbye or salutes a handkerchief in the air, announces that she will soon make the journey she longs for, but taking the necessary measures to avoid errors that frustrate her intention.


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