Dream with Rats

To dream about rats and to be attacked by them, is an indication of economic problems or setbacks with their debts. It is a dream to be cautious if you lend money to your family or friends as it may never return you.

If you dream to be hunting rats predicts you will have labor improvements or possible labor advancement. In business is a good indication of sales and customer loyalty.

To dream of being surrounded by rats means that you will have financial difficulties, that is to say a period of “skinny cows” you need to be careful with the expenses to avoid bankruptcy and if you have a business, take care of the clients you currently have.

Dreaming of giant rats is an indication of big problems that at first will not know how to solve or lead to these conflicts. It is best to organize and divide the problem into small milestones in order to solve it more easily.

Dreaming being attacked by a rat symbolizes economic hardship and if you are a debt lender you will probably never see your money again. It is advisable to think several times to who makes loans and to have money saved for the bad times that will have.

Dreaming of watching rats walking around their house is an indication of abundance in material and emotional. Rats if they do not harm you in your sleep usually are good fortune and are signs that life will try to give you a second chance.

Dead rats in sleep is a symbol of bad luck or illness for you or your close relatives. It can also be interpreted that certain people will try to hurt or harm you in your social and / or work relationships.

Dreaming about dark or dark rats predicts deception or lies in your surroundings. You must be careful of your recent friendships, because they will have a double personality towards you.

Finding escape from some rats augura economic problems but that will have some control of them. This dream should be wary of not contracting more debts than you already had in order to minimize financial damage.

Seeing dead rats in the dream means that soon a person very close to you will betray you and you will have a negative aura that may affect your health. Remember to entrust your confidences to individuals that you fully trust otherwise you will be harmed.


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