Dream with Lookout

Dreaming in a lookout represents the analysis of your current situation. On the one hand, you are determined to take action either at work or business in order to improve it. On the other hand, this same situation generates doubts and indecision to face the consequences of the same ones.

If you are in the lookout of a skyscraper and watch very closely the horizon means that you are carefully reviewing all the possibilities to generate a new challenge in your life. Even if you are sure that you can achieve it successfully you must be careful at every step along the way to avoid tragedies or laments.

If you are looking from a height, but not being able to see the background in detail is indicative of new challenges and difficulties for the dreamer. It is likely that your proposed goals will come to a standstill for some time.

If in the dream you are in a lookout and see a crowd of people around you implies that you are being a fair person and this will generate a lot of confidence from the people. Consequently, you will have every chance of assuming a position with power on behalf of the people who cheer you.


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