Dream with Tree

Healthy trees augur the fulfillment of their hopes and the fulfillment of their desires. Losses and sadness if they are dead or broth. Climbing a tree indicates that you will gain prestige and distinctions.

The trees indicate women and men of different characters and physiognomy. Unknown trees point to fears, fears, unless they shelter under their shade or take refuge from the rain under their foliage, then they will be interpreted by sources of well-being, security and moral and material support.

If the trees have fruits: good omen; Otherwise they indicate trust deposited in bad place. Odorous plants such as rose bushes, henna, etc., indicate virtuous people and science, but theoretically; More fragrant and fruit-bearing plants, such as orange, apple, and myrtle, are interpreted by pious, good people, who practice good, frank and loyal, as they think they say and do.

Climbing to a tree means saving a danger. To plant a tree in the dream and see it after it has lit, announces honors by means of a new bond of kinship. A thorny plant is a man of rough character.

To cut a tree in the dream predicts the death of the wife or to miss the word engaged. Seeing a dry plant bodes ill for the death of a sick person or an absent mistress. Hatching a tree is heavy tax debt.

Planting trees in the garden is for those who dream of raising offspring whose life will resemble the trees or classes planted in the dream-vision. For example: Banana indicates long life; Plum is short life; The oak tree symbolizes power.

The leaves of the trees are translated for money. To see a mountain surrounded by trees is interpreted by increase of the offspring of the ruler of that region. A tree in front of the house of the dreamer draws people who sympathize with their cause. Every strange plant is translated by woman, man, dubious profit, ancient science.

To sit under a tree in the company of people: good omen. The trees of a forest or a valley speak of donations and good works. A tree that bears fruit strange to its nature, if it is a woman who dreams it means that it will give birth to an adulterous child. To cut a tree in a known place, is to walk away from a friend. Seeing a tree falling is a sign of danger; To see a branch of a plant shed a branch presages the death of a brother or sister.

Cutting a pomegranate is a bad omen. A dry palm is translated by an impostor. The banana is a rich man, good administrator, pious. The plant of the jujube is a cheerful man, of hierarchy, power; A fig tree is a useful man to the people, and to whose protection they come even to their own enemies.

Generally, the trees that appear in our dreams are symbols of material protection, whose strength will depend on the aspect and strength with which we see them.

Thus, a leafy, sturdy tree will symbolize this protection, and the more trees we see, the greater will be the number of faithful friends we can count on. A weak and delicate tree will be an indication that we are helpless and surrendered to our only forces.

To dream of trees full of flowers or fruits when we are in a season where they should not be is an indication of grief, affliction or disease; While if the same dream is when in real life the trees are also flowery or laden with fruit, it presages friendship, love, or passion, flourishing.

To see the trees dry and leafless is an indication of misfortune; If there are broken branches or they break, disease or amputation; If the tree is despondent, we must lose hope, for misfortune will fall upon us.

If we see the tree full of lustrous green leaves is an indication of gains or increase of the family. Climbing a tree presages honors and fortune; Fall, loss of employment, or at least, the favor of our bosses and superiors; But if the fall is very low, the danger is to be ridiculous.

Even when the tree is inhabited by the birds it announces successes and fortune, but if the birds are black, there will be many envious ones who will wish to harm us.


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