Dream with Ufo

If in your dream you are an alien or alien, it means that there is an aspect of your personality that no one has yet discovered. Maybe you do not know yourself, so you may be surprised by your own qualities and capabilities. This dream proves that it is a person with a lot of imagination and creativity that seeks to find innovative solutions to all kinds of problems.

Dreaming that you see aliens in your dream means you have problems adapting to your environment. Feels isolated and invaded. He also does not know very well, how to treat some subjects or some people. Psychologically speaking, seeing aliens would mean an encounter with his ill-adapted and ill-bred family environment.

If you dream that you are surrounded by aliens it may be that in real life you find it difficult to adapt to a new environment, a new job or new friends.

If in his dream he is captured by some aliens and does not scare him, he means that he tries to escape from reality, trying to find unreal solutions to real problems. He is a sensitive person, full of dreams and desires, but life has not always been easy.

On the other hand, if in the dream the aliens capture you and you feel scared and threatened, it means that you are very afraid to lose the familiar intimate circle – that is, your family, your friends and your home.

Dreaming that you are captured by aliens and abducted, means your inner fears of change. The changes create insecurity and fear. It also means that you are afraid of losing your family and your home. It can also mean that he feels invaded in his intimacy, that no matter how much he wants his family, he feels that they invade him against all logic.


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