Dream with Runaway

To dream of running away from a person, indicates luck and happiness. On the one hand, you will have good relationships with your partner. On the other hand, in business it augments increased profits and increased market share.

If you dream of running away from an altercation in your neighborhood, you predict that justice will be a problem and will not be favorable to you. The recommended thing is to stay out of any discussions you may have with your neighbors.

Fleeing in the dream symbolizes getting rid of someone who can hurt you. On the one hand, if it is a woman means she should know how to choose her friends to avoid later inconveniences. On the other hand, if a man presages traction on the part of his closest friend or relative, he must be cautious in his conduct to verify who he might be.

If you are fleeing or escaping from prison, it symbolizes that you are under a lot of pressure in your work or sentimental life. This could lead to very serious errors that can not be easily solved. Escaping pressure often involves sleep, being held captive by something you do not like and being forced to do.

To dream of running away from animals, predicts problems with their relatives. You will have to separate for a time from your loved ones to avoid further damaging them. By which, you will experience much sadness and emotional hardships.

If you dream that you are getting rid of an animal that is attacking you, it indicates good health and social standing. The dream is a premotion to take the negative energies of itself, in order to attract the good ones and gradually improve their life.


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