Dream with Delay

Dreaming about the delay to work means that you are afraid of not meeting your proposed goals. On the one hand, you must improve your productivity by saving every time in every job you do. On the other hand, external factors or external to you, you must take it as such, not to stress and complicate your situation even more.

Dreaming of a delay in flight, indicates that you will have inconveniences in your vacation or trip you will have. In this situation, it should be cautious, either in the climate of destination, as well as coverage of the mobile or electric network.

If you dream that the rain has been delayed in your field, it represents the desire to free yourself from family responsibilities. In addition, to improve change of work for a totally different one.

To dream that we see that a person has been delayed in fulfilling his obligations, can be interpreted as conflicting emotions or that he is not in peace spiritually. This would affect you more than the other person.

Dreaming that you are late arriving at the train station means you are missing out on good job opportunities that could make you grow professionally, but that you are not taking advantage of them as profitable offers and would affect your long-term future.


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