Dream with Address

If in the dream we see the address of a friend or acquaintance indicates that we will receive pleasant and encouraging news from a friend far away, it is even possible to receive your visit. Dreaming that you see your old address means that there are things in your past that you should learn and analyze.

In the case of giving or noting our direction it is necessary to take into account the feelings generated in the dream, to be positive indicates that we are interested in somebody of our environment, and for that reason we are ready to grant him the confidence necessary to generate rapprochement.

If the emotions generated in the dream are negative it means that we have committed or we are about to commit an imprudence, reason why it is necessary to avoid making haste decisions.

Dreaming that you are typing your address into an envelope means you need to explore more possibilities than you currently have. Weigh all possibilities, before making a decision. Dreaming of writing addresses in love letters is an announcement that very soon you will receive good news, possibly from the person who is writing the letter.

If in the dream we are aware that we are heading north indicates that we are working correctly and the course we lead is the right way to achieve our goals, if on the contrary we can not find the north in the dream and this generates frustration is A sign of sadness and dissatisfaction at the end of a long and laborious project. It is necessary to re-evaluate our goals and the course to follow in order to consolidate them.

The appearance of the street will give you more clues to elucidate with what attitude you contemplate what the dream wants to communicate in relation to your own life. The sinuous, narrow, dirty and gloomy streets show that you move in murky environments that in no way contribute to your spiritual enrichment.

Dreaming of the west is a sign of tranquility. To dream that it is related to another dream indicates that it increased the positive aspects of that one, and softened the negatives. If you dream of writing an address for a business or business you are likely to have good luck in business.


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