Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics W

Dream with Warranty

To dream that someone gives a guarantee for something that delivers insinuates that soon will enter into deals to obtain some benefit, be it a job, business or any other type. To dream that another person is given a guarantee insinuates that one is giving preference to another regarding one’s. Read more »

Dream with Wheat

When we dream of wheat it symbolizes that we will gain personal and professional prosperity, give us emotional and economic benefits, or that our goals or aspirations can be achieved. To dream that we are harvesting wheat, on the economic side means that we will have a lot of money... Read more »

Dream with White hair

Dreaming with gray hair is an indication that you will have family and economic problems. On the one hand, it augurs infidelity of his sentimental partner. On the other hand, financial problems will be aggravated by the accumulation of creditors’ defaults. If you see the gray hairs in another Read more »

Dream with Will

To dream that you are writing or signing your will, means looking to the future. A new stage of his life is beginning. On the other hand, the dream means that a decision you have made will be the last. To dream that you forgot to put something in the... Read more »