Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics V

Dream with Vegetables

Growing vegetables in the dream means abundant economic benefits and improvements in affective relationships. If the vegetables are cooked, it augurs conflicts and discussions with their relatives. The vegetables in the dream represent that you will have new situations and some of them could take yo Read more »

Dream with Virgin

Dreaming of a Virgin, indicates that she is very sad or is having a bad time. But if you see a virgin it is probable that a person will infect her positive energy to overcome her bad moment and renew her strength. Normally the Virgin in dreams represents, a religious... Read more »

Dream with Visions

Dreaming about having a vision represents that you will probably spend in your life in real life. While it is complex to give a certain interpretation with certainty, this dream predicts that it is in your hands to change the situations that have not been favorable for you. Having visions... Read more »