Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics T

Dream with Talk

Dreaming that you talk to a person is a sign that you are giving important information to that individual. It will depend on how you say it if it is a bad thing for the subject. Dreaming of several people who speak to you indicates that you are under a... Read more »

Dream with Thinness

Being thin in sleep indicates loss of friends or social circle. You will also have a break in your relationship. People’s view of you will be negative because of their low weight. Others also indicate that dreaming of thinness symbolizes a healthy and sensual body. The presage of good auras,.. Read more »

Dream with Throne

Dreaming of thrones means that soon you will reach the professional success that you have been waiting for or receive a great investment for your project. The privileged position that is happening must be careful not to damage the personal relationships with their relatives. The dream of thrones is Read more »

Dream with To Break

Dreaming of breaking a part of your person, whether by a fracture or injury is an indication of guilt and morale has been damaged. It also indicates stumbling and loss in your personal and work affairs. If you had repetitions breaking objects in your sleep, you notice annoyances at home... Read more »

Dream with Tree

Healthy trees augur the fulfillment of their hopes and the fulfillment of their desires. Losses and sadness if they are dead or broth. Climbing a tree indicates that you will gain prestige and distinctions. The trees indicate women and men of different characters and physiognomy. Unknown trees point Read more »

Dream with Trumpet

The trumpet in dreams means to warn someone about their behavior, this person can cause many problems in their environment. Therefore, you will look like a bitter person, but not be. In some situations you will lose the confidence of your peers, but it will have to be necessary for... Read more »