Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics S

Dream with Sandals

To dream of sandals or shoes put means that one or several people of their surroundings find themselves in disputes and problems; And ask your help to make a decision to end those nonsense lawsuits for you. Being with sandals broken or very deteriorated in sleep is an indication of... Read more »

Dream with Sandwich

Dreaming about a sandwich means that some issues may be getting out of hand, you should seek help from others to deal with it properly. On the other hand, it also indicates tension in his daily life, since he would be carrying all the family matters on his shoulders. If... Read more »

Dream with Saxophone

To dream that we hear a saxophone is a sign that someone wants to discredit us by talking gossip that could affect our affairs negatively. In general, as long as it is not accompanied by other symbols, the saxophone represents futile gossip, gossip, and rumors of all kinds that are... Read more »

Dream with Scratch

To dream of digging is an indication of effort and sacrifice in taking forward the problems that it has. He also predicted that he would try by all means to find out the truth about the issues that directly affected you. Finding yourself digging in the dream and getting something... Read more »

Dream with Seal

Dreaming that some seals are being attacked means that you may lose your virginity or that you will have a relationship that will make you suffer. Therefore, it is advisable to be cautious places you visit or new people you have known lately. If you dream of seals, it indicates... Read more »

Dream with Separation

To dream of being separated from your partner without any reason is an indication of problems and future mistrust in your relationship. On the contrary, in the work or business they indicate economic loss and great challenges that will assume. Separation in sleep predicts loneliness and depression, Read more »

Dream with Shoemaker

Dreaming taking children’s shoes to the shoemaker is an indication of an immature person or problems with his or her child. You should have more patience with the minors and be more cautious with the words you say, since children in general are very sensitive to any kind of negative... Read more »

Dream with Shoes

To dream of shoes in general, represent their attitude towards life and their convictions. If you dream of changing your shoes, you are willing to change roles or behavior to new events, or people, in your life. If you forget your shoes, you want to leave behind old prejudices. To... Read more »

Dream with Shroud

Dreaming with a shroud represents a bad omen is often associated with darkness and death. If you see a friend or family member wearing a shroud, he or she presages that person will have illness with enough suffering. The shroud in the dream means that you do not understand your... Read more »

Dream with Silence

To be silent in the dream, he predicts that he is under great pressure of guilt and anguish. It is a complicated dream to describe, but it is not a good omen, you must take with caution all your personal and work environment. The silence in the dream represents calm,... Read more »