Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics R

Dream with Rain

Dreaming of rain on a sunny day means that there will soon be good news in your environment, it also indicates prosperity in your life and your business. This dream is related to youth and joy. Listening to the rain in the dream is an indication that you will soon... Read more »

Dream with Rats

To dream about rats and to be attacked by them, is an indication of economic problems or setbacks with their debts. It is a dream to be cautious if you lend money to your family or friends as it may never return you. If you dream to be hunting rats... Read more »

Dream with Rice

Dreaming about cereal rice represents good fortune, best wishes and moments that you may be going through. Rice is a symbol of being surrounded by people who help improve your person with optimism. Rice in the dream is also an indication of reflection and evaluation of the things that have... Read more »

Dream with Rings

To dream with ring or ring, symbolizes tranquility and confidence in itself. On the one hand, the ring represents hope and the union of new commitments. On the other hand, the intuition and the sixth sense of prevention before the new events that will happen. Dreaming that you have a... Read more »

Dream with River

When a woman dreams of swimming or simply bathing in clean, transparent water that slides smoothly, it can mean that she feels satisfied with herself, enjoys good health and the sincere love of a man, as well as the sympathy of several People, which could give it social prestige. To... Read more »

Dream with Rubber

To dream of wearing rubber garments suggests that due to our efforts and good performance we will get great distinctions and rewards. Dreaming with a eraser, represents your adaptability and versatility before the situations. It can also be related to sex, confusing it with condoms or gums. See or f Read more »

Dream with Rug

Dreaming about a rug means that soon new friends or family will come home that you have not seen in a long time. It is a reminder that you must be prepared for these eventualities and have some provisions to avoid having trouble when they present themselves. If you walk... Read more »

Dream with Run Over

Dreaming of abuse means injustice and is the victim of scams or disappointments. Dreams of abuse in general are the internal expression of concern for finding a solution to their economic situation or bureaucratic entity. If in the dream you are running over a killer it means that the person... Read more »

Dream with Runaway

To dream of running away from a person, indicates luck and happiness. On the one hand, you will have good relationships with your partner. On the other hand, in business it augments increased profits and increased market share. If you dream of running away from an altercation in your neighborhood,.. Read more »