Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics P

Dream with Pirates

Dreaming of pirates is an indication of complicated situations that is happening, you may have been caused by loss of integrity and causing limitations in your person. Other interpreters suggest that the pirates in the dream symbolize the challenge in authority and the norms established by society. Read more »

Dream with Please

To dream of asking for a favor means you need to forget your pride and ask for help if you need it. To dream that you are doing someone a favor, represents your compassion and your consideration of others. Dreaming for favors implies that he will soon triumph in the... Read more »

Dream with Porcelain

Dreaming arranging things from porcelain means that your home is being cozy with people recently arrived. The porcelain in the dream is closely related to the attitude and personality of the dreamer. Buying a porcelain in a dream insinuates construction or improvements in your home. The acquisition Read more »

Dream with Power

To dream of having power is a sign that is in concern to achieve your proposed goals. On the one hand, it will put all your skills and abilities in gear. On the other hand, it is a dream of much responsibility for the decisions that will be made, because... Read more »

Dream with Property

Dreaming about a property (land or house) is an indication of financial problems, is a reflection of the dreamer’s personal needs. Having a property represents the need to progress and have something of your own that satisfies all the sacrifice given to work. Keeping up to date on your propert Read more »