Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics N

Dream with Negligence

To dream producing a negligence in their work is an indication that the decisions they make in their life do not think them, only react to problems. You must be more cautious and cautious to avoid further complications in your situation. The negligent dream means little interest in life, with... Read more »

Dream with Net

Dreaming with net or mesh of fisher, means that soon you will have great bonanza and personal satisfactions. If the network is hung or rolled up, it indicates that you will suffer many economic losses or have setbacks in your work. Dreaming of a fishing net indicates that you will... Read more »

Dream with Noise

To hear noises in sleep is an indication of understanding and improving attention in your immediate environment. Dreaming with noises predicts that you should not overlook everyday situations, as there is something waiting for you. To dream with melody-like noises means to stop their internal confli Read more »

Dream with Noodles

Dreaming of noodles or noodles indicates a lot of negative energy in your environment. On the one hand, you will have economic problems, causing you much stress on your person. On the other hand, emotional conflicts with your family and partner. If you are overweight and dreaming about noodles, it.. Read more »