Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics M

Dream with Man

To dream of a beautiful man is an indication that he wants to achieve a better job or social position. Depending on the beauty of the man can improve or worsen your current situation. If he dreams of a man who is not beautiful and also has a bitter character... Read more »

Dream with Mask

To dream of a mask in the face, implies that he is acting with hypocrisy or at least with lies that will harm him. Dreaming of others using masks envisions opponents. To dream of attending a masquerade implies that the dreamer is affection for the trivial, the false and ostentatious... Read more »

Dream with Meat

Dreaming of spoiled flesh means that your physical and emotional state are having a bad time or are under a lot of stress. It is advisable to get away from people who negatively influence you. Red meats in sleep are generally bad luck or find themselves in a negative environment.... Read more »

Dream with Milk

Dreaming many large containers full of milk indicates a good streak and good business, advantageous associations, etc., all in the immediate future. But if the containers have little milk, and worse if they appear empty, it indicates the opposite. Dreaming carrying a container with milk indicates th Read more »

Dream with Mockings

To dream of mockings emitted by the dreamer towards other people is an indication of great job opportunities. Cheating people around you positively in the dream is also indicative of economic improvements or if you have some business indicates that you can achieve many sales. Making fun of your fami Read more »

Dream with Model

Dreaming young women acting as models insinuates alternative successes and problems in society and in business when women intervene. A young woman who dreams of being a model and acting as such, or who looks for a way to be, implies that soon she will fall into questions of unfortunate... Read more »

Dream with Money

Dreaming of money means a lot of prosperity and good fortune. It is a dream that will give you greater security and confidence in your person. Your self-esteem will rise and be able to solve any problem you have. Money in the dream is an indication of sexuality and power... Read more »

Dream with Moth

Dreaming of moths indicates a lot of negative energy in your environment, even though you are not aware of it. The moth is a symbol of weakness in the dreamer, so you should check the people around you in order to counter the bad energies or subjects who want to... Read more »

Dream with Mud

To dream that he sees mud, means that he is mixed in a compromised situation. It can also mean, you need to clarify or sort your finances. Dreaming that you walk through mud or mud means you are feeling engulfed by either a problem or a situation. It can also... Read more »