Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics L

Dream with Lantern

Dreaming that we see muffled lanterns indicates that there are some confusions that prevent us from advancing in our projects, but in case of seeing it in a dim light or turning off is a presage of losses at a professional level, problems that will require all our commitment to... Read more »

Dream with Leeches

Dreaming with leeches is an indication of upcoming challenges and challenges in your life. On the one hand, it can have disturbances in their work in everyday life. On the other hand, these incentives would lead to change their lifestyle negatively. Therefore, you should be careful about the decisio Read more »

Dream with Limp

To dream of being limping means that you are mortified or with affective concerns, it is a problem that also has financial problems or loss of work. If health begins to complicate and its recovery will not be simple, nor cheap. If, when he limps in his sleep, he suggests... Read more »

Dream with Lizard

Dreaming of a lizard presages that we are going to the wrong side or in the wrong way in terms of economic, social and emotional, it is best to rethink the decisions we have made and correct as necessary. If we dream of a lizard is a symbol of awkwardness,... Read more »

Dream with Lock

Dreaming with a lock is an indication of her poor organization in her life. You must make decisions in order to set a course to change your life. It also suggests that anything initiated in studies, work or sentimental relationships can never come to fruition in something serious and this... Read more »

Dream with Lookout

Dreaming in a lookout represents the analysis of your current situation. On the one hand, you are determined to take action either at work or business in order to improve it. On the other hand, this same situation generates doubts and indecision to face the consequences of the same ones.... Read more »