Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics H

Dream with Handkerchiefs

Dreaming handkerchiefs, especially when dealing with young people, means flirting of those who appear to be moving them. Losing a handkerchief suggests that there will be setbacks, particularly in love affairs. Dreaming one or more broken or battered and dirty handkerchiefs suggests that their confl Read more »

Dream with Hanged

Meeting a person hanged in your dream means that you will soon have complicated situations in your family environment and close friendships, indirectly affecting your emotional and physical health. If it is a young man dreaming of a gallows or being hanged, he represents that his relationship is com Read more »

Dream with Harem

The interpretation of this dream for men and women. If a woman dreams of it, it insinuates the need for it to achieve a social position that has been difficult to obtain, as well as a timely economic improvement. For a man to dream of a harem the presage that... Read more »

Dream with Hen

To dream that hears cackling the hens, is a sign of problems influences by bad people who only speak badly of one or gossip without foundation. You should avoid these individuals because they will only generate more problems in your environment. Dreaming about hens indicates that you will receive ne Read more »

Dream with Herd

Dreaming with a herd or herd means the need to be part of a social group akin to your interests. This membership in a group is necessary in all humans, because it gives a lot of security to the person in their family and environment. It may also symbolize the... Read more »

Dream with Heritage

To dream with inheritance is a very beneficial indication for the dreamer as long as it is a monetary legacy. If he inherits any wrong from a relative, he foretells bad luck on his person. It is also an indication to improve as an individual, they are challenges that the... Read more »

Dream with Hiccough

Dreaming of hiccups is an indication of problems or illness, evidence of lack of control in the body or personal relationships that can not handle properly, causing discomfort and stress. Hiccups in sleep means the lack of communication with someone close to you. On the one hand, in his family... Read more »