Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics F

Dream with Farewell

Farewell in the dream indicates that you will soon receive unpleasant news from people far away from you. In some situations these subjects will bring with them negative energy causing more damage than expected. If he is in love and dreams with that person is saying goodbye, he presages that... Read more »

Dream with Ferocity

Dreams of ferocity are usually interpreted as something negative or that our plans do not work in the way we thought, which will cause us inconvenience or anguish. To dream that we are with an attitude of ferocity, indicates that we are not acting well with the people around us,... Read more »

Dream with Float

Dreaming of float represents the recognition of your environment towards you. On the one hand, the dreamer will have a high self-esteem for their achievements and successes. On the other hand, it augurs many economic revenues or improvements in business. An unmade carriage and old in the dream indic Read more »