Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics E

Dream with Eat

To dream that you are eating with other people, in a very luxurious and elegant environment, means that you will have great personal successes. To dream that you are eating alone means loss of spirit, melancholy, loneliness and depression. You may feel rejected or excluded from family gatherings. On Read more »

Dream with Eclipse

The dream of eclipse foreshadows unexpected events of darkness and sickness. He also announces the death of a leader of his community or country. If the dreamer has a certain reputation, the eclipse would overshadow any change or improvement he wishes to integrate into society. Dreaming of an eclips Read more »

Dream with Electricity

Dreaming with electricity (or light) represents the energy and strength of your spirit. This dream is an indication of seeking a renewal in your life and find other solutions to the problems you have in everyday life. If you have an electric shock in the dream predicts problems with your... Read more »

Dream with Executioner

To dream of executioner is synonymous with a bad omen or that the things that are going to come will not be good, or that we are alone and that all our near surroundings is being distanced of us, yes that we realized to us. To dream that the executioner... Read more »