Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics D

Dream with Daughter

If you dream about your daughter, it means that you have a very close relationship, the emotional bonds will be strengthened lately. If your daughter looks healthy in her dream it is a good omen that everything will go well and her projects can be done without inconveniences. If you... Read more »

Dream with Day

If you dream of a sunny day, it means clarity. See things more clearly, see clearly where your steps are directed. If you dream of a cloudy or gray day, it means sadness or a possible loss. If you dream of a particular day, look at the number of the... Read more »

Dream with Delay

Dreaming about the delay to work means that you are afraid of not meeting your proposed goals. On the one hand, you must improve your productivity by saving every time in every job you do. On the other hand, external factors or external to you, you must take it as... Read more »

Dream with Demon

Dreaming with the devil (satan) augurs a negative environment and nothing good for you. The dreamer can suffer rare illness and conflicts with their sentimental relationships. Being fighting the demon in the dream means that your enemies are very strong. These conflicts you may have with your oppone Read more »

Dream with Digestive

Dreaming of organs of the human body, whether the digestive system, liver or others, poses severe health problems. These dreams are a sign that we must take into account to have a healthier and sports life, because if there would be complications in your body. The digestive system in a... Read more »

Dream with Disorder

To dream of disorder in the public way indicates that the dreamer is not paying attention to the events that surround his community. It is also an indication of having problems with authority and lack of values ​​with people close to you. Having a wardrobe or closet totally messy in... Read more »

Dream with Dock

If you dream of a prediction spring you will enjoy a long trip planned for the near future. If in his dream he saw ships moored in a spring portent that his wishes were fulfilled. If you dream that you are alone in a spring portent you will have conflicts... Read more »

Dream with Dogs

Dreaming about dogs is an indication of happiness and lasting relationships. If the dog barks for happiness it foretells an active social life and partying and fun with his friends. You will find many new friends who will make your life more bearable. Listening to the dog in the distance... Read more »

Dream with Domino

The dominoes indicate falsehood, hypocrisy and that should apply to people who appear in the dream. To dream of gaining in the domino indicates vanity, a certain mastery over problems and enmities, but not in an honest way, which will arouse grudges in some and admiration in others, especially in... Read more »

Dream with Drought

Dreams with drought often indicate the opposite, that is to say will achieve abundance or very good economic benefits. On the other hand, in the work insinuates greater concentration and dedication to their work. If you have an extensive field of drought and yellow vegetation, predict conflicts with Read more »