Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics C

Dream with Capital

To dream of possessing good capital implies that his attitude will arouse envy and create enemies who will seek to harm his family and friends. To dream that a family member or close friend receives certain capital implies that the dreamer will somehow soon receive benefits. When a woman dreams... Read more »

Dream with Car

To dream that you are getting into a car or car indicates that a trip that is already in mind will happen soon, but in conditions other than as had been thought. Dreaming driving a car in a place or street where there are many people indicates successes, but also... Read more »

Dream with Cardiac

Dreaming that you have a heart attack, refers to the lack of support and acceptance. Maybe you also feel a loss of love. Dreaming with your heart represents love, truth, life and romance. In dreams, your heart symbolizes how you carry your feelings and how you express your emotions in... Read more »

Dream with Cemetery

Dreaming of a cemetery is an indication of nostalgia for the loved one who has lost, but who still remembers his past and happiness when they were alive. It is a dream to come back to find yourself, to better your present and to forge a more bearable future. Other... Read more »

Dream with Chickens

Dreaming of watching chickens is an indication of problems in the short term, but can solve them effectively. If he eats the chickens, they predict success in their decisions made in the businesses he manages. To dream of raising chickens is a prelude to being a just and upright person.... Read more »

Dream with City

If you dream of a city, it means you are sure of yourself, if you have entered the house with more reason indicates that you have a high self-esteem. If you dream that the city is in all its splendor, it indicates that we are going on a course and... Read more »

Dream with Coffin

To dream with coffin is a prelude that does not favor, to dream with funeral objects is synonymous of death or the loss of a loved one. This dream indicates that radical changes are approaching or is in its last stage of his life and will not be of any... Read more »

Dream with Cold

In the Arab dream-science the cold must be interpreted as poverty; More if the dreamer feels it and is protected by the rays of the sun, will improve their economic situation. Likewise, he who is disturbed by the strong rays of the sun and takes shelter in the shade, sign... Read more »

Dream with Crab

Dreaming of crabs is aquatic animal symbolism that can mean the inner self of encountered feelings and emotions. Likewise, it indicates the indecision and uncertainty that surrounds you or your environment. If we dream of crabs, it insinuates to be patient and to have control of oneself, not to doub Read more »

Dream with Curtains

Dreaming with an old or dirty curtain, foreshadows sickness and sadness. The issues you are going to take may not come out as you expected and bring more problems with you than solutions. Dreaming that they remove curtains, means that they will go away and will return the positive energy... Read more »