Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics B

Dream with Bag

Dreaming portfolios or traveling bags suggests that you are longing to make a long journey, or a change in your way of life and in employment or business. The possibility of realizing that longing depends on how the suitcase (new and beautiful, old and ugly, broken, etc.) is seen. If... Read more »

Dream with Banana

The banana in the dream means that your savings will be well spent. In general it is an indication of prosperity, happiness and a sign of good fortune. Other interpreters indicate that bananas are a symbol of sexual fecundity and virility. Eating a banana in the dream predicts a lot... Read more »

Dream with Bandoneon

To dream that we play a bandoneon means that we are about to face external threats or adversities in the relationship. Therefore, it is better to talk with the couple about the intimacies, to prevent third parties spoil their love relationship. If you are listening closely to a bandoneon, indicate.. Read more »

Dream with Bank

Dreaming about a clean bench in a public place and chatting with unknown people is a clue you should avoid telling your personal affairs to anyone, as these subjects would try to hurt you with the information you have provided yourself. The banking in some situations is an indication of... Read more »

Dream with Beetle

Dreaming of a beetle means that you are being deceived and hypocritical in your environment. You must be careful of the very close people in your workplace, as they may be hurting you with insults and lies. To be killing a beetle in the dream is a clue that you... Read more »

Dream with Bible

To dream of the Bible means that soon it would have joys and happiness, but that only lasted a short time. The dreamer will forget the sorrows and sorrows, even for a few days, which will give great satisfaction away from stress. Dreaming is reading the bible indicates that you... Read more »

Dream with Blood

To dream with bleeding, but without pain, and although it does not identify from where it mana, insinuates that the dreamer longs to be freed of some annoying situation that prevents him to achieve what has been proposed for a long time. When the blood is abundant means that what... Read more »

Dream with Booty

Dreaming of a booty indicates that we will have more benefits than expected. On the one hand, in business you will get many sales and get new customers. On the other hand, in the professional sense it augurs an increase or a better labor supply. If you take a part... Read more »

Dream with Boxing

If you dream that you are fighting in a boxing ring, you encourage one of the fights, it means that you put all your hopes in a person. Boxers in sleep often represent attacks of anger and aggression, so if you dream of a boxer suggests that in our environment... Read more »

Dream with Braids

The braid represents, as in real life, a complex situation. The usual meaning of this dream is that a confused and delicate situation will find a solution that will suitably suit your own needs and concerns. To dream that we loose a braid indicates that soon the doubts will be... Read more »