Dictionary of Dreams Lyrics A

Dream with Abacus

The dream of an abacus means that your thinking is in the past or if you are being inefficient in your work. To solve it you must handle the new information tools or be trained in the same, otherwise, you lose competitiveness and therefore your job position. If he dreams... Read more »

Dream with Address

If in the dream we see the address of a friend or acquaintance indicates that we will receive pleasant and encouraging news from a friend far away, it is even possible to receive your visit. Dreaming that you see your old address means that there are things in your past... Read more »

Dream with Ambush

To dream of a dangerous ambush is a warning in the sense that your affairs are in a delicate situation, which is why you should think well about possible solutions in order to avoid damages and gain success and full control over yourself to). To dream of attacked and wounded... Read more »

Dream with Animals

Animals are the symbol of human behavior: they are the most primitive instincts, their sexual nature and interpretation will depend on the qualities of the animal you see in your dream. It also represents the feelings or the most primary aspects that you have inside and do not even know.... Read more »

Dream with Anvil

The anvil and the hammer are the two main and indispensable tools of every blacksmith or smith, and in that work they are of constant use the fire, the hot irons and the sparks. The anvil as a whole is a very old symbol of intense creative work, which often... Read more »

Dream with Apron

A young woman who dreams of a post apron indicates that her immediate future will be very fickle, that is, she will not have clear definitions. A student woman who dreams of an apron poses hints that she will go very poorly in her studies if she does not pay... Read more »

Dream with Auction

The auction in the dream represents seeing people willing to fight against you, these can be your work or partners in your business and will do everything possible so that you do not go forward. For this reason, you should be more cautious in your friendships. If you dream of... Read more »

Dream with Avocado

Dreaming with avocado represents sexuality and everything related to complacency. It also indicates that you will soon meet a person who will complement your love life to start a new relationship. Being eating an avocado in the dream is an indication of starting new relationships, either with your f Read more »