Dream with Trampoline

Dreaming using a trampoline means you will receive sudden support in your work. It is a positive dream because it will help you complete your personal goal, since help is always good to easily meet your goals.

Dreaming of a trampoline, indicates that you will receive favors that you needed and that these will be highly recognized people in your environment, including your own boss in your work, augur a performance of their work with honors.

If we see that a person is jumping on a trampoline, it is not promising because it will be other people’s projects that will be fulfilled and not yours. This can cause you to lose motivation or generate low self-esteem. Otherwise, it also means you will have to be consistent in your goals so that you successfully manage your projects.

To dream that we are on a trampoline, he predicts that he is making decisions without any type of control, that is, he is being very impulsive. This would affect their loved ones, their behavior would keep their loved ones away from their social environment.

If he is on a trampoline and his jumps are very high, he hints that his projects are still to be done. The degree of the jump is a benefit as long as it is higher, otherwise it could be adversely affected in your projects.

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