Dream with Animals

Animals are the symbol of human behavior: they are the most primitive instincts, their sexual nature and interpretation will depend on the qualities of the animal you see in your dream. It also represents the feelings or the most primary aspects that you have inside and do not even know. Your instinct.

Dreaming that you see animals means that new events will happen. Domestic animals represent our intimate life, family life, business, etc.

If you dream that we feed an animal, it represents happiness, personal success, promotions and profits. If in a dream we see fat animals represents our wealth and ambitions. To see them skinny, sad and poor.

If you dream that we are attacked by animals, it means obstacles in our performances. If you dream that we hit an animal, it means failure, sadness, If you dream that we kill an animal, it means misfortune, bad luck and illness.

If you dream that we reject animals: misunderstanding and loneliness. To dream that one is persecuted or attacked, announce dangers, misfortunes and quarrels.

To dream that we struggle with an animal means a part of you that rejects but from your subconscious is trying to surface and to appear in the light. Everything will depend on the qualities of the animal with which he dreams.

If you dream about animals that speak to us, it means that a superior knowledge is transmitting an important message that we should listen carefully. It also means that you are much more than you think you are.


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