Dream with Hiccough

Dreaming of hiccups is an indication of problems or illness, evidence of lack of control in the body or personal relationships that can not handle properly, causing discomfort and stress.

Hiccups in sleep means the lack of communication with someone close to you. On the one hand, in his family indicates that lately he is losing confidence and is moving away from them. On the other hand, in friendships is an indication of general mistrust or recurring disappointments.

If you are hiccupped in your dream, it augurs lies in your surroundings, be it family or close friendships. It is also an indication of economic loss or lack of interest in their work.

If you see other people with hiccups, it is an indication that those subjects may suffer some kind of illness or have accidents in their chores. You should be prepared for any kind of negative news that may affect your immediate surroundings.

If you dream of hypo it predicts disappointments in your sentimental relationship or conflicts with your friends causing you much sadness in your person. Make decisions that can improve people and avoid talking sarcastically to avoid misunderstandings.


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