Dream with Electricity

Dreaming with electricity (or light) represents the energy and strength of your spirit. This dream is an indication of seeking a renewal in your life and find other solutions to the problems you have in everyday life.

If you have an electric shock in the dream predicts problems with your surroundings. If the energy intensity is soft it augurs that your sentimental relationship is happening at a good time and you just need to put it on your side to make it lasting.

If electricity damages your person in the dream, you predict that your life is in danger. It is also a sign that some malicious people will try to damage their reputation with insults and lies.

If you use electricity and it is cut off suddenly suggests that there are circumstances that you can not control and you should be prepared to deal with it. These situations will be complicated to solve, but if you are patient and think twice each solution is likely to lessen the problem.


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