Dream with Abacus

The dream of an abacus means that your thinking is in the past or if you are being inefficient in your work. To solve it you must handle the new information tools or be trained in the same, otherwise, you lose competitiveness and therefore your job position.

If he dreams of abacus, he augurs many new possibilities in his life. If your relationship does not go the way you want, the abacus is a preface that has several alternatives to improve your relationship with your partner, it will depend on you to use it or wasted it.

Also the abacus is a symbol of much accumulation of tasks that performs, whether personal, family or work. You should optimize your work better not to get saturated and get sick from stress, because if you could not fall into a clinical picture of much concern.

If you dream that someone else has the abacus, it represents that the opportunities you have, you can only see and not use. It is a bad omen but he uses it, since his efforts mean they were not worth it.


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