Dream with Drown

o dream that he drowns, warns him of dangers or threats of serious consequences, which he must face without help from anyone. If you dream of saving someone, you are drowning, it means you will be able to control a situation.

If you dream of saving an acquaintance, who is drowning, it means that you will help someone around you to get out of trouble. If they save you from drowning, it means they will help you and advise you on a problem, which you will have to deal with.

If you dream that someone is trying to drown you, it means that you are suspicious and afraid of people around you.

Seeing a drowned man in dreams is a sign of joy and triumph. If the dreamer is the one who drowns in the dream, it is a profit omen. To drown in the wickedness and guilt of another is an omen of loss and possible ruin.


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