Dream with Bible

To dream of the Bible means that soon it would have joys and happiness, but that only lasted a short time. The dreamer will forget the sorrows and sorrows, even for a few days, which will give great satisfaction away from stress.

Dreaming is reading the bible indicates that you will soon receive help and support from your close family and friends. While a person reads the Bible is a clue that can solve some problems in the short term.

If you lose the bible in your dream it presages complicated situations for you and some relatives. Such loss can affect your health, whether caused by illness or stress.

Being dreaming by grabbing a bible that has enough weight or is very difficult to hold it means you will have many responsibilities in your personal and work life. It is also a sign of a lot of pressure on you.

If you dream of a bible, but do not preach it, it augurs the loss of faith and belief in the religious life. In turn, it indicates rebellion to the ethical and moral norms of the society (infidelity, vengativo, to deceive, to betray, etc.).

Dreaming of an open Bible can be interpreted as repentance and being in the quest to find oneself.


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