Dream with Net

Dreaming with net or mesh of fisher, means that soon you will have great bonanza and personal satisfactions. If the network is hung or rolled up, it indicates that you will suffer many economic losses or have setbacks in your work.

Dreaming of a fishing net indicates that you will have various problems in your personal environment. To avoid complications, you should pay attention to the situations that will happen in the days after you dreamed it.

If I dream that you cover a person with a network, it implies that you are hurting that individual without you being aware of it. For this reason, it is best to remain silent in situations that may adversely affect one more subjects.

Dreaming walking on a net or fishing net, represents a lot of prosperity and achievement over people who wish evil. Walking on the net is a symbolism that you have successfully achieved your goals, despite the adversities that your enemies have put.

A man who dreams walking under the mesh or net, augura that he will possess different sentimental proposals, it will depend on the dreamer in selecting the ideal. This person will correspond to you in your loving intentions.

If he is entangled with the net of any kind, indicates that his enemies are very attentive in harming his person. To avoid this, you must respond with optimism the intentions of your opponents, as it will emancipate positive energies in your person and environment.


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