Dream with Coffin

To dream with coffin is a prelude that does not favor, to dream with funeral objects is synonymous of death or the loss of a loved one. This dream indicates that radical changes are approaching or is in its last stage of his life and will not be of any use to him.

Dreaming inside the coffin is an indication that there will be unplanned changes and could negatively affect your person. This would affect him in any area of ​​life, whether in the workplace or personal, but in no way beneficial.

Dreaming of several coffins means that your environment is in danger or that it could change unexpectedly. Having several coffins in your dream, it is advisable to be at peace with yourself to face and struggle with the coming changes.

If, on the other hand, you dream that you carry the coffin, it is a premonition of a long and lasting life, since you would be facing in a timely manner the adversities of life. Therefore, it is a positive dream as long as you carry the coffin closed on your shoulders.

If we dream of a coffin, it is advisable to check our internal and external life, as it is worried or distressed and this could cause health problems. The behavior that will be taken after having analyzed, will relieve to overcome the bad moments.

Dreaming of white flowers covered in a coffin means you will soon find out about a wedding or marriage, but it would end badly or there would be some accident. This dream is closely related to the union of couples and the commitment to meet with white flowers, however, the coffin predicts illness or death for a member of the couple.

If you dream of observing the coffin of a friend or acquaintance, you are likely to have bad news in the next few days of that person.


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