Dream with Float

Dreaming of float represents the recognition of your environment towards you. On the one hand, the dreamer will have a high self-esteem for their achievements and successes. On the other hand, it augurs many economic revenues or improvements in business.

An unmade carriage and old in the dream indicates loss of its social position by the mismanagement of its economic resources. Your reputation would be on the cutting edge and would affect any attempt to improve your work by creating distrust in you and your family.

Dreaming of being the driver of the chariot means a good omen for you. You will have the time and the means to go on trips and walks. Also, in business you can improve the sale of your products abroad or receive orders outside your city.

If you dream of a hearse predicts the illness or loss of a relative. This type of floats generally augurs much sadness and depression in the dreamer. He also hints that his adversaries or enemies will soon be lurking.

If the float in your dream is carrying a heavy load it symbolizes the increase of sales in your business or an unexpected success of your activities. It promises much wealth and good fortune if the load is a product that usually commercializes.


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