Dream with Cardiac

Dreaming that you have a heart attack, refers to the lack of support and acceptance. Maybe you also feel a loss of love.

Dreaming with your heart represents love, truth, life and romance. In dreams, your heart symbolizes how you carry your feelings and how you express your emotions in real life. See Infarction. To dream that his heart is beating, means that he is desperate, very sad and inspires the sympathy of others.

To dream that he sees that the heart goes out of the chest, will bring good luck to him. To dream that your heart is broken means that you are rethinking important things: your relationship, about religion, about life … If you dream of someone who is sick, he augurs his healing.

To dream that you feel a pain in the heart, means that you have serious concern about your work or your business and you are afraid. He could also simply announce an illness for you.

To dream that you have a heart wound or an arrow or a shot, means that your husband or boyfriend is sick. Dreaming that you suffer from heart disease warns you that you will be a victim of hypocrisy, slander, humiliation, you will suffer disappointment and you will have problems. It could also be that your friends or loved ones turn their back on you when you need them.

If you dream that you do not feel the heart, that your rib cage is empty, it is a bad omen and you predict bad omens. If you look at your heart and see that it has a right eye in the center, it represents your intelligence and your talent. It means that he is able to make use of them, to achieve his goals in life.


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