Dream with Herd

Dreaming with a herd or herd means the need to be part of a social group akin to your interests. This membership in a group is necessary in all humans, because it gives a lot of security to the person in their family and environment.

It may also symbolize the fear of being alone in the long run or when you get older. It is a dream of much confusion for the dreamer. On the one hand, integrating a group is necessary, but it takes time and dedication. On the other hand, not to relate to people related to their interests, it makes their reasoning of the things they like more complicated.

To dream of animals in a herd is an indication of lack of personality and their need to have a leader or guide to carry out their tasks, that is, to be a dependent person. You need to learn to say no to certain circumstances and take charge of your life.

If it sounds like wild horses, it means aspiring to be free and make your own decisions. It is a good dream as long as it does not harm other people to reach their proposed goals.

To dream of pigs or pigs saved in herd, augurs that it is in a environment of much negative energy. Your friends or family try to harm you and use your lower instinct for it.

If you dream of a herd of horses and you find yourself riding it, it is a sign of much sexual desire. You want to take charge of your sexual relationship with your partner.


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