Dream with Anvil

The anvil and the hammer are the two main and indispensable tools of every blacksmith or smith, and in that work they are of constant use the fire, the hot irons and the sparks.

The anvil as a whole is a very old symbol of intense creative work, which often appears in dreams symbolizing firm and productive work. Simply dream of an anvil can mean that you are in good health and that business is firm.

Dreaming an anvil in which hot irons are being forged from where sparks are shedding is a symbol that in real life you are comfortable with what you have, which will bring you permanent gains, satisfaction and happiness.

The previous dream may also mean that you can count on the sympathy and help of wealthy people, which can facilitate the path to success. When in the same dream the iron being forged goes bankrupt, it suggests that the affairs and business he has in his hands can easily fail.


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