Dream with Silence

To be silent in the dream, he predicts that he is under great pressure of guilt and anguish. It is a complicated dream to describe, but it is not a good omen, you must take with caution all your personal and work environment.

The silence in the dream represents calm, tranquility and peace. If you are prologuing the silence, you predict that you are at a stage in your life very calm, confident and with relaxed environment suitable for new ideas and creativity.

To dream with silence in a manifesto that the life indicates to him to carry out some action, will depend on the situation of the dreamer to realize what type of action. In general, it means that you must express your decision or idea to issue a clear and concise answer.

If you dream that you are silent when you are speaking, it presages fear and fear in your surroundings. On the one hand, your enemies are constantly on the lookout for any setbacks you may have. On the other hand, you doubt much of your decisions and this can complicate you in your projects or relationship.


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